My Favourite and Least Favourite Things About Medellín

The capital of Colombia’s Antioquia province, and the second largest city in Colombia, Medellín is a monstrously large, thriving metropolis. The city has done a huge amount of work to move away from its notoriously violent past and reputation as the ‘murder capital of the world’ and is now known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ due to its consistently temperate climate. Within the city you will find an eclectic mix of commercial, colonial, industrial and urban areas, as well as multiple outdoor spaces, tourist-centric areas, affluent areas and the poor barrios, all connected by the Metro system. AJ and I spent five days exploring Medellín and nearby attractions and found that, while overall we had a brilliant time, there were things about Medellín that we did not enjoy. In this article I’ll be going through my favourite and least favourite things about Medellín.

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