Exercise Challenges

Here is a list of the exercise challenges I have set myself for this trip – most are definitely achievable, as long as I manage to stick to it, plus some bonus goals. This list may be updated if/when I receive any inspiration.

These are these challenges I will probably find the hardest, as I have found it quite difficult to stick to a routine when it’s just me and I don’t have a class or something to motivate me. When I started my teaching job, I was overwhelmed by work, and ended up eating crap food and doing zero exercise – naturally this resulted in my fitness levels PLUMMETING. I felt like crap, and once I’d realised how bad it had become I immediately resolved to get better. I started going to the gym and eating better, and it’s been slow but steady progress, and I’m pretty happy with where I am now. My partner and I like being active; we went to bootcamp together, and then to the gym after that finished. We’re both also looking forward to getting active while travelling, and have planned to go on numerous hikes and walks, as well as cycling trips, and want to learn diving together. What worries me though is that outside of that, my usual exercise routine will go to pieces, along with all the good work I’ve done to get myself back in shape. I have done a lot of research, and come up with a regime that I think will work best for me. These routines also mean I only need to bring a skipping rope and stretch band with me, and will need no other equipment.

Day One: Workout A

Warm Up – Skipping Rope: 10 mins

3 x 20 split squats

3 x 10 push ups

3 x 20 alternating lunges

3 x 20 tricep dips/pull ups

3 x 20 reverse crunches

3 x 15 plank jacks with pushups

3 x 20 backpack lifts (deadlift/row)

3 x 25 plank jacks

3 x 30 seconds running jacks (mountain climbers)


Day Two:

Day off

Day Three: Workout B

Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds

Prisoner Squat x 30 seconds

Close Hand Push up x 30 seconds

Walking Lunge x 30 seconds

Mountain Climber x 30 seconds

Inverted Hamstring x 30 seconds

T-Stabilisation x 30 seconds

Running up to Sprint x 30 seconds

Repeat all 2 more times


Day Four:

Day off

Day Five: Workout C

Warm up – skipping rope

10 x pull aparts

10 x push ups

60 second plank

Repeat above another 2 times

60 second jog

30 second rest

30 second high-knee run

10 x monster walk (each way)

20 x Y squats

30 second high-knee run

Repeat above another 2 times

60 second jog

30 second rest

60 second glute bridge with march

30 second plank jacks

Stretch and cool down

Day Six:

Day off

Day Seven:

Yoga – 20-40 minutes (video)

Naturally I want to be realistic with this; I have no intention of missing out on an experience or stopping myself from doing something because “I have to exercise.” The days and routines are interchangeable, and if I miss one it’s not the end of the world. As long as I can keep to this the majority of the time I will be happy with myself.

Bonus Challenges:

  • Be able to do a handstand
  • Be able to do a pullup (this is a general life goal tbh!)