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Hi, I’m Gráinne, but you can call me G! I was given this nickname (along with Grá, G-man, G-dog, and G-star) by my friends as a teenager and have gone by it ever since. It’s come in VERY useful since I left Ireland and entered the world of “people who have no idea how to pronounce my name.”

Growing up, I was very lucky to be able to travel to a number of different countries around Europe; I was fascinated with the different languages I heard and saw, the exotic money I handled, the weather, the buildings, and the variety of cultures that were in stark contrast with what I grew up with in Ireland. I wanted nothing more than to continue exploring foreign cities and cultures for the rest of my life, and throughout school, university and work, it’s a desire that has never left me. Up until 2016, the longest trip I’d been on was a three week trip that included 4 days exploring Iceland and a week traversing part of east Canada in a campervan. In 2016, I celebrated entering my 30’s by quitting my job and taking a year to head out and see a little bit of the world with my partner AJ.

Cochineal Face Paint on the Inca Trail

So Why The Blog?

While in Canada, I created a blog for myself and AJ as a way of recording our memories of the trip and letting people back home know what we were up to. If you want to read about our adventures you can do so here. I was hooked, and by the end of the trip I already knew that I was going to  be doing something similar for our year away, but on a more holistic scale. The biggest difference between this trip and every other piece of travelling I’ve done before it is that they were holidays; this is my life for a year, and it’s completely different to anything I’ve done before.

I want to use this blog to share my adventures and experiences, both everyday and extraordinary, to share what it’s like to go from the routine of working 9-5 to having only the routine that you want to or having no routine at all, and to record my journey and how it (hopefully!) inspires my lifestyle when it’s all over.

Why Should You Read My Blog?

Aside from providing you with inspiration and motivation to travel and explore, I hope to also offer practical advice on preparing for travelling, the ins and outs of the practical organisational aspect of travelling, and how I’m managing to keep up with some of my hobbies on the road, along with reviews of products that I’ve tried and would recommend.

I also want to share my experiences as an LGBT traveller and provide information and offer advice on things such as social attitude, LGBT-friendly spaces, as well as anything else I come across. I will include this information as part of the Destination pages.

On top of that, I’ve decided to make things extra fun for myself by setting myself some travel challenges; I’ll be sharing my progress with you, and will be open to any suggestions you make (within reason!).

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.



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